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Welcome to Lotus Dental Care and Implant Centre | Dental Implant | Smile Designing Clinic in Kalyan

Welcome to Lotus Dental Care and Implant Centre, where exceptional dental care meets a warm and friendly atmosphere. With a team of adept and caring dental professionals, we’re dedicated to fashioning an experience that blends comfort seamlessly with your individual needs. 

However, our commitment transcends beyond merely maintaining your oral health; we also focus on enhancing the radiance of your smile. The exceptional skills of Dr. Chaudhari & Dr. Ritu Mandal possess the ability to elevate your smile to new heights of beauty. Their unwavering passion for the field of dentistry is evident in their constant pursuit of staying ahead of dental advancements, ensuring that you are always at the receiving end of optimal care. 

 We take immense pride in being the preferred choice for the finest dental clinic in Kalyan. Our excitement knows no bounds as we anticipate the privilege of helping you attain a state of robust oral health and joyful smiles.

Our Expertise

Our extensive expertise delivers personalized, top-quality dental solutions for your well-being. From routine care to complex procedures, our expertise ensures your smile’s best care.

Dental Implants

Restore your smile with dental implants – a permanent solution for missing teeth.

Dental Implants | Lotus Dental Care

Root Canal

Relieve tooth pain and save your smile through expertly  root canal treatments.

Root Canal | Lotus Dental Clinic

Full Mouth Dental Implants

Revitalize your smile with full mouth dental implants.

Full Mouth Dental Implants

Smile Designing

Craft your perfect smile through personalized smile designing procedures.

Smile Designing


Enhance your smile effortlessly with custom-designed dental veneers.


Dental Bridge

Bridge the gap in your smile, restoring both function & aesthetics with our solutions.

Dental Bridge | Best Dental Care in Kalyan


Experience the convenience of personalized teeth alignment using best aligner solutions.

Dental Care


Achieve straighter teeth and a confident bite with our effective braces treatments.

Dental Care


Restore your oral health with thorough dental scaling to prevent gum disease.

Dental Care

Why Choose Lotus Dental Care ?

Choose us for personalized care, cosmetic expertise, innovative treatments, and implant excellence in achieving your dental goals.

Personalized Approach

Our patient-centered ethos ensures we understand your unique needs and goals, guiding us to provide tailored dental solutions.

Smile Transformation

As skilled cosmetic dentists, we specialize in enhancing your smile's attractiveness and boosting your confidence.

Dental Care

Cutting-Edge Care

Our commitment to innovation means you benefit from the latest tools and techniques, ensuring top-notch dental treatment.

Implant Excellence

With our accomplished implantologist, discover seamless and lasting tooth replacement solutions for a pain-free smile restoration.

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Get Rid of Impression

Welcome to a new era of precision and comfort in dental diagnostics and treatment planning. At Lotus Dental Care, we are proud to introduce the cutting-edge technology of intraoral scanners to enhance your dental experience.

During your visit, our skilled dental professionals will use the intraoral scanner to capture a series of images of your mouth. These images are instantly transformed into a detailed 3D model on the computer screen, providing us with a clear view of your oral health.

Ready to explore the benefits of this revolutionary technology? Schedule your appointment with us and discover a new level of comfort, precision, and excellence in dental care.

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